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Then this is the place for you!

Here are some books and tapes about nature that you might enjoy. You can order from Amazon by clicking on a picture - but please ask your parents first. If you buy anything through this website, Nature Hands will earn Amazon Gift Certificates which will be used to buy nature books for schools.


Stranger In The Woods has terrific photographs. It's about nature in the winter.

Stranger in the Woods: The Movie has some funny bits and even convinces you to read the book after watching it. You will also be anxious for lots of snow to make your “stranger”!

A Log's Life shows and tells what happens to a tree when it becomes a log.

A River Ran Wild follows a river along its path through history.
The drawings are really great.

This movie is not exactly about nature but it is very funny. What I really like is how Bullwinkle never gives up trying to save the trees and Frostbite Falls.

The Lorax is the first book I read that taught me about caring for nature.

Wee Sing Under the Sea is a wonderful video that teaches you not to litter and why.

Panda Bear is a fun way to find out the names of some animals.

Jean Craighead George writes a lot of books about nature. This is a chapter book that has a boy who runs away from the city to the mountains. He lives from the land and it's like a journal filled with facts.

Will We Miss Them? introduces the idea of saving endangered species.

In the Small, Small Pond is about creatures that live in the pond.

In the Tall, Tall Grass is about creatures that live in the grass.

The Giving Tree is kind of about a tree and real friendship both. The first time I read this book, I cried!

Good Morning, Gorillas is a Magic Treehouse book.
I really like the whole series. In this book, Jack and Annie actually end up being with gorillas and it has lots of facts.

Don't Say Goodbye is a National Geographic video about endangered species.
There are some parts that are a little sad but it is an excellent video. I would recommend it for kids 10 years or older.

If there's a nature book you really like, please tell us.
Email with your favorites!


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